School Wrap

It’s nearly the end of summer and I realized never put a bloggy bow on my kiddos’ school year, but jumped right into the deep-end of summer without really pausing to document. We didn’t know it at the time, but last year appears to have been our final year of homeschool– which makes me especially wistful and nostalgic.

Covid certainly made things a bit wonky, but we were grateful to have had cogs already in place for the “meat & potatoes” of our academics, so as to lessen the blow of what turned out to be a very sedate and isolated school year. Extracurricular activities were abbreviated (at best), but we did still eke out baseball, lacrosse, Shakespeare, and dance seasons, along with driver’s ed, some co-op classes, and many, many orthodontist appointments.

I’m going on record stating how incredibly proud I am of the hard work the kids did this past school year, wrapping their Sophomore, 8th, and 3rd grade years, respectively. It’s not lost on me what an incredible blessing it’s been to learn alongside these stinkers and custom curate their education from the comfort of our home, in each other’s company.


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