Signs of Life

Scores of deer move in from the back forty to lurk around our neighborhood in the darkness, each night. Operating covert tactical missions, they silently snoop from the shadows, brazenly peering into windows while we lie unconscious in our beds.

It’s creepy, really… reminiscent of an M. Night Shyamalan film, evidence of their stalking plain in the snow next morning as crop circles. I wake almost every night and counter-spy, though I can never seem capture a decent photo. Last night I counted five: four grazing does and a massive, vigilant buck standing guard.

nestled all snug in MY bed, with five pillows.

we live here.

The kids enjoyed participating in Career Night at Awanas, dressing up according to what they currently aspire to be, vocationally, when they’re grown…

“i want to be a… software engineer when I grow up.” -little man (just like daddy)
“i want to be a… nurse midwife (ala call the midwives) when i grow up.” -center sister
“i want to be a… marine biologist –specializing in manatee rescue and rehabilitation– when I grow up.” -firstborn

The girls were coming up blank as I tried to explain DNA and RNA in Anatomy & Physiology. To illustrate the concept I grabbed a couple blank recipe cards and had them script rough “recipes” for their own genetic makeup.

And what would a blog post be without mention of mermaids and critters?

loose dress code in our homeschool
center sister passed on her original tail to her cousin– sending it via mermaid mail, naturally

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Chubby Bunny.

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