Simple Joy

Yesterday I turned thirty-#*@&^%. Accordingly, this was my anthem:

The day prior, Handsome Husband whisked us all away to my happy-place (aka Jellystone, complete with requisite pic-in-ic basket)

… but the actual anniversary of my birth fell on a work-day; thus, I was left to my own devices to celebrate. Kids in tow, I set about indulging in some favorites, without apology:

Free birthday Starbucks? Check. Donuts on the side: Double check.

Perusal of the local antique barn: Check.

watermelon; his favorite food AND go-to swear word
love their policy: you can play it IF you can actually play

Hot Springs? Check.

Lord of the Rings naptime marathon? Checkity-check.

Leverage of the occasion for pleasant attitudes & agreeable conduct from the offspring? Multiple checks.

Sprint out the door once Daddy returned to procure pedicure: Check.

Dinner at the local taco cart: Check.

bestie christy sent this amazingly thoughtful gift bc she knows of my people crossword addiction and doesn’t judge
bestie valerie sent these favorites because she gets me and knows i ate all our girl scout cookies months ago
tolkein AND Shakespeare?? bestie carly is too much

My heart remains full today. I’m grateful.

First Solo Flight

Tree Huggers

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