Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime



It’s not Christmas ’til I burn my fingers on hot, molten sugar-magma. Quote me. 

My much older sister heralds HER holiday by prying the lid from an ornately festooned popcorn tin, eager ears tuned for the satisfying ‘pop’… we all have our own groundhogs. 

For the twelfth year in a row, I spent an evening pre-assembling a village of gingerbread houses, deftly adhereing graham crackers with caramelized granulated sugar, for optimal hold. My kids have hosted gingerbread house decorating parties with their pals for as long as they can remember, and I’m hopeful it’s a tradition they’ll never outgrow.

This year, we shared the treasured tradition with our homeschool co-op, putting a new spin on festivities by crafting gingerbread nativity scenes in lieu of traditional abodes. So fun!

They also improvised a live nativity scene at co-op, with homespun props and a REAL baby. Firstborn was a shepherd, Center Sister an angel of the heavenly host, and Little Man a stable donkey.

The kids are marking the days of December by way of their chocolate-filled advent calendars– typically first thing in the morning, a breakfast of champions.

In short, the Yuletide season’s upon us and we are FEELING the Christmas spirit. Regularly scheduled activities on pause, we’re wrapping up our shopping (see what I did there?), organizing menus, and watching our favorite holiday movies; equal parts celebration and rest. And call it a Christmas miracle, but I think I see baking and crafting in our near future…

dinner & a Christmas movie

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


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