Six Weeks Home

Today marks six weeks that we have been home, together, as a family of five– though it feels like much longer.

Not in a “Been-on-hold-with-the-pediatrician’s-office-for-ten-minutes-awaiting-lab-results-on-a-bacterial-culture-but-it-feels-like-much-longer.” kind of way. More like a “Hey-I-just-met-you-and-this-is-crazy…”, kind of way.

By the way, the former scenario alluded to above? Not fictitious. The latest ailment assailing our household is yet another infection on poor Little Man. For those keeping track, that’s an ear infection (Little Man), head-cold (me), unspecified infection (LM), infected tear duct (me), ulcer (me), and staph infection (LM) in six weeks. No wonder it seems like so much longer. Praising God that my amazing and uber-helpful husband has remained healthy.

Still, we’ve maintained (mostly) pleasant attitudes all around and filled our days with joy.

Photographic evidence:

photo (70)
fun at the local “beach” (hashtag, landlocked)
photo 3 (32)
his hero, he stood, watching for like 20 mintues
photo 3 (31)
loved his cupcake, yet was hesitant to eat it as he seemed to prefer it perfect and whole
photo 4 (20)
sometimes you just need to pull over and let them go bananas with a couple cans of Silly String


photo 1 (33)
Prairie Dog Town today, a nearby wildlife reserve for (you guessed it) gophers

photo 2 (31)

photo 4 (19)
we enjoyed spying the timid critters that dotted the landscape, though they were too skittish for photographs

photo 3 (30)

photo 5 (14)


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