IMG_9718<—–This is a modest sampling of my cherished Adoptive Moms Support Group. An offshoot of Encompass Orphan Care, we meet year round on Thursday mornings. In total, our numbers are closer to 25 Moms, but summer is hard and the group looks different every week. I love these women. Each of them is as crazy- or crazier- than I am. Thursdays are good days.

Our group is not a book club nor Bible study, there is no required reading or assignments to complete each week.  We show up IF we can and WHEN we can (I confess am chronically late.) and just as we are. We share updates, prayer requests and discuss relevant topics that our fearless leader (far right) bounces around.

Every family represented in our group is unique and that is something that we collectively celebrate. There isn’t any steering towards certain adoption agencies or regions in the world, which is evidenced by the diverse backgrounds/cultures from which our children (home or not) hail from.

By quick count, we are (or will be) mothers to:

17 Ethiopians, 13 Congolese, 5 domestically adopted children, 4 Colombians, 3 Chinese, 3 Koreans, 3 Filipinos, 2 Russians, 2 Sierra Leoneans, and 1 Ecuadorian. Some also have biological children, some do not.

How amazing is it that in a city of under 40,000 so many families are stepping up to God’s call to “look after orphans” and “defend the fatherless”? No one in our group is or has adopted to earn “cool points” with God, and none of us believe any of the aforementioned countries/regions to be “better” than the other. Isn’t it amazing how God has that all covered? He puts different forms of adoption on different family’s hearts. I’m so thankful for this accepting group of moms whose common denominator is simply loving their children- wherever their origins.


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