Teacher’s Pets

Welp, the inevitable has happened. I knew this day was coming, but didn’t expect it so soon…

Yesterday Firstborn had two math problems that I couldn’t help her with. Even with the teacher’s answer key. We had to save it for Daddy. I suppose that’s to be expected when one breeds with a genius.

Fortunately, my ego is recovering with the help of Celebrity Week on Jeopardy. The producers dumb the questions down pretty severely, and the famous contestants still struggle. I love it.

gummy sharks aid in shark study
another piano/flute exhibition
biking through the spinklers en route to the mailbox for ‘recess’? why not.
don’t even think about it, mao

In addition to our regular studies and activities, we enjoyed another field trip, today. This time to the local newpaper.


I loved the smell of the ink in the printing room.

Of course we were late– on the way out the door we had our own Hitchcockian moment when the three naughty cockatiels temporarily in our care escaped and flew all over the house, swooping down to bite and peck at us while we ran after (and from) them, the cat batting and lunging with opportunistic glee. I’m sorry, Neighbors, for all the screaming, cursing, and wailing that was surely overheard. To clear up any confusion, no one was actually being skinned alive.


NE-VER a dull moment.

In other news, Little Man has single-handedly consumed almost an entire jar of organic peanut butter in just over a week, one spoonful at a time.


I dumped the contents of my fridge into a pot the other night, crafting a lovely stew, because WE ARE GOING ON BUH-CATION.

potatoes, steak, carrots, bacon, cabbage, onion, celery, corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, and spices
buh-cation (and case of the mondays) pedi

I couldn’t keep it secret any longer. Sorry Husband. This Mama is elated for some much-needed R&R.


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