The Great Outdoors

Hello, me again. Yes, I’m still alive- and even rested after a pretty nightmarish week of sleep deprivation, which left me too incoherent to attempt any musings here on the blog.

An adoptive mom  friend recently asked me what I have found to be the biggest surprise this side of our adoption journey, to which I instantly replied, “The sheer exhaustion.”

True, this isn’t my first rodeo, but many moons have come and gone since our two other children were toddlers. I was a spry 24 and 26 when the first two were born, and I regretfully concede that I  am no spring chicken, anymore. The several nights we endured this week without sleep just kicked. my. booty.

I confess I’m a glutton when it comes to slumber– I feel most rested after a solid 14 hours. Kidding. But seriously, I could. Sleep deprivation is rough on a thirty-something who has to be “on” all day to ensure the well-being and education of three miniature humans. Little Man suffered a bothersome infection early in the week, which seemed to wake him every hour or so, like clockwork, in the night. It was successfully treated and Little Man is back to his normal, consistently sleeping self.

That, paired with the abundant sunshine which has recently graced our high-altitude valley has pulled us from our foggy slump and back into cheerful productivity.  We have enjoyed ample backyard shenanigans, and several nature walks this week, to which I owe my sanity.

Cocooning Survival Tactic #5: 

Get Outdoors.

Need a lift? Get some sunshine. No, really. Supplement vitamin D if you have to and wake up with the sunshine. I love to keep my window-coverings open this time of year (sorry neighbors) and wake to the generous glare of yellow/white light streaming into my bedroom. Here in Montana, we are blessed with UNBELIEVABLE air quality, and filling your lungs with it is like a refreshing drink of water. Nothing pulls me out of a pity party like a long walk in the fresh air and sunshine.

Remember: Your cocoon isn’t tied to any specific geographical coordinates, it’s more like a radius.

photo 2 (18)
gorgeous trail right in town, loving the Ergo my sweet friend lent me

photo 1 (19)
packed a pic-in-ic lunch and dined al fresco
photo 5 (5)
backyard shenanigans

photo (79)

photo 1 (20)
guinea pigs also love the outdoors
photo 4 (10)
nothing makes me grin like a fool quite like riding a bike
photo 3 (19)
Little Man’s first ride
photo 2 (19)
he should pretty much wear this 24/7
photo 1 (18)
bird watching earlier this morning

photo 2 (17)


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