The Simple Mother’s Day That Actually Wasn’t


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I generally fancy myself a low-maintenance gal, a lover of the simple things in life.

I don’t dye my hair, my wardrobe is mostly thrifted, I’d rather be out in nature any day of the week…

For Mother’s Day, this year, I expressed to Patient Hubs that what I desired was a simple holiday. After all, it’s merely a Hallmark holiday, and I wasn’t craving pomp and circumstance– what I really wanted was a peaceful, relaxing day, a general sense of kumbaya.

To not cook or clean.

To grab coffee and go for a nature walk. Bird watching and country-drive a bonus, obvi.

To do a skoshe of shopping since we’d be in town and Little man needed new shoes, anyway.

To buy seeds and plant the garden. And install two more raised beds, complete the garden trim, move the bunnies and bean teepee, lay new mulch, put in a fairy garden for the kids, and obtain a fancy new garden hose sprayer.

To grab a bag of goldish for the pond.

A quick pedicure if they could squeeze me in.

A long family bike ride would be nice.

Perhaps barbeque, also?

Mercy! God bless Husband for indulging me, and for allowing me to believe my own flagrant claims of low-maintenance. He’ll likely need to take a sick day tomorrow to recover from my laundry-list of demands requests, but he knocked them all out.

Apparently I’m a low maintenance fraud, but it really was a lovely day.