The State of the Garden, Autumnal Update


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I love my garden so. There’s just something profoundly fulfilling to growing your own food.

jack & flopsy caught hopping around the remaining carrots #bunnycliche
flopsy got filthy digging out a new burrow betwixt the cauliflower, she longs to be a mommy
prolific portly pint-sized pumpkins
the tomatoes are finally starting to ripen, I’ll soon begin fervent canning
nice little bumper crop of daikon radish, after allowing the ones that had gone to seed dry then simply turning the soil a few times with a shovel
lavender is growing voraciously, we were able to share a mountain of it with a friend for use in her daughter’s wedding
first sunflower blossom, my parents send the kids a packet of seeds to plant every year
on a recent rainy day we plucked carrots & green beans from the garden and tossed them with some of the potatoes we grew to make a simple nourishing stew/soup (stewp?)
my sweet neighbor is my zucchini fairy, a blessing since I rarely plant them myself
been enjoying zucchini all-the-things, like this stir fry also featuring my own snow & snap peas
zucchini chocolate chip muffins for the win
speaking of considerate neighbors, we are feeling the love of late: another passed along her extra hammock frame, center sister bought herself (and Garfield) a hammock to hang from it
two others blew our ever-home-improving minds when they gifted us a giant can of stain for the fence we had put up with them this spring. a crazy-generous gift, there was even a fun bow on top before husband got right to work rolling it on
the girls continue to book pet-setting gigs: another thoughtful neighbor recommended them to a couple seeking help with their 9 week great dane pup whom I am madly in love with and conspiring to steal (kiddingnotkidding)
yet another allowed the girls prime garage-sale real-estate on her driveway to hawk sodas & candy
Minerva/Severus is also being quite neighborly, welcoming scores of mallards to her pond and happily sharing her food
did NOT feel too neighborly towards THIS new visitor, see dialogue w/hubs on the matter…

(after texting above pic to him at work)

Handsome Husband: Where is that?

me: By the back door. He’s pissed now, too; girls have been spraying him w/water.

HH: Kinda cool lookin’ guy. Jar him.

me: I knew you’d say that. And heeeeeeell no!

HH: Or kill him.

me: I cannot do that which you ask of me.

HH: Chemicals.

me: Avoidance.

HH: We have some up in the cupboard.

me: It’s not happening. You ask too much.

HH: It’s easy.

me: False. An impossibility. “‘Til death do us part, in sickness and in health, richer or poorer, good times and bad, forsaking all others ESPECIALLY OF THE ARACHNID FAMILY.” ((mic drop))


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