Visions of Sugarplums



For the first time in fourteen years, we’re not getting our Christmas cards out on time. Our mailing list will have to wait until New Year’s, and in the meantime enjoy this impromptu pic a sweet friend snapped at the church potluck photo-booth, this morning.

the best we can do.

Recent holiday festivities include our annual redneck tour of the local Christmas-lights display, in the back of a pickup truck…

Shopping and wrapping gifts with my silly sisters…

Center Sister’s Christmas dance performance…

And our annual White Christmas with Husband’s family.

Husband’s Seester’s the hostess with the most-est, the craziest cat-lady who cheerily lets her big brothers take over her kitchen. Though we’re not Italian, we gleefully appropriated the traditional Feast of Seven[five] Fishes– a lovely seafood spread that the guys skillfully prepared for the family… I labored over some Cheddar Bay biscuits —from a box— so basically, you know, even-steven.

My mother-in-law snapped a photo of me and Husband’s Seester being goofs (as per the usual), and I realized it looked eerily similar to a throwback pic I’d recently unearthed from ten years ago. Eat your heart out, 10-year challenge!

We’ve still got more Christmasing to do, but we’re off to a jolly start!


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