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IMG_9965It’s no secret that I’m a gluttonous, voracious reader. I’m currently devouring five books and always have a rotating queue never less than ten titles long. So many books, so little time. One day I hope to have a den/library with at least one entire wall dedicated to books/bookshelves.

In my current season of life, however, I find myself leaning to more abbreviated writings- namely blog posts. Bloggers’ brief expositions can be both entertaining and edifying. Most of our glamorous home-school mornings begin with me reading my fave bloggers’ latest musings while the girls nibble breakfast and write in their journals.

November officially marks my first blog-iversary, and I thought it fitting to celebrate by giving credit where credit is due: To fellow bloggers who have paved the way before me, inspiring or amusing me with their faithful, relatable prose.


The following are my ten favorite blogs, deserving of an official “Hey, you rock!”,  in no particular order:

1) Africa to America A blessed friend-in-real-life, adoptive mama, and member of the No-Book Book Club, I check her blog every single night, too impatient to wait for her morning email notification from my subscription to her blog. Peruse archived posts of her meticulously documented adoption journey, and be inspired by her current Raise a Child Up series.

2) Bring the Rain Recommended to me by a caring friend during a trying season of grief, I have followed Angie’s blog longer than any other. What began as her journal of the pregnancy, birth, and brief life of her precious daughter, Audrey, has blossomed into a God-honoring writing and speaking career. I own every one of her five books and look forward to hearing her at a Women of Faith conference in the future. Her transparent journey through grief helped me through the loss of our own daughter. (Start from the beginning of Audrey’s Story.)

3) Jen Hatmaker Her most recent book, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, rocked my world. In fact, I’m still steaming about not being able to locate my copy so she could sign it when I met her this summer. (She signed one of her many others that I own.) Her blog is laugh out loud funny as she candidly shares her heart, her life and her ministries. She’s a power-house for the things of Jesus: orphan & widow care, loving your neighbor, and living life authentically as a Christ-follower.


4) My Presidents Another friend-in-real-life, Christy started blogging WAY before it was cool. For years she encouraged me to blog, to which I always protested “But I have nothing to SAY…” *COUGH, SNORT, CHOKE* She shares everything from tried and true family recipes to book recommendations, funny kids stories, and everyday God sightings. (Be on the lookout, every once in a blue moon I get a mention!!)

5) Smore Stories Tara is a beautiful writer who openly shares from her unique vantage as both an adoptive mom and adoptee. Adopted from South Korea as a toddler, she is now mother to two sons by birth and two daughters and a son born in Ethiopia. She spearheads the local orphan-care ministry that has been a tremendous blessing to our family and her keen insights have been equally invaluable.

6) At the Picket Fence SUCH a fun site! I personally know one half of the dynamic sister duo that share crafting, decorating & other “Suzie Homemaker”esque ideas. Watch for amazing giveaways on their site, as well– last fall I won a trip to New York City to the Food & Wine Festival where I got to hob-knob with Food Network stars like Sandra Lee, Bobby Flay, and Guy Fieri. On that same trip I was awarded prize money and a LG True Steam dishwasher, all for sharing my emotional scarring from not having a dishwasher growing up preferred dish-washing style on Vanessa & Heather’s blog.


7) The Compton Blog She doesn’t know I read her blog, but I do. I found hers on another blogroll. We have many mutual friends-in-real-life and we are friends online. She’s an articulate homeschooling mom who left her corporate law career to be a stay at home mom. (Kudos!) She gives glory to God in every aspect of her life and I will forever remember her as the varsity cheerleader in high-school who was actually kind to the freshman squad. Last weekend, while visiting the Pacific Northwest, I recognized her famously bearded husband in a restaurant from photos on her blog. So pretty much, she’s famous.

8) Design Dazzle Oh man, if you are bored, look no further. Decorating a child’s room? Here you go. I can literally get lost on this site and have most recently used it for inspiration with Little Man’s bedroom space. (Especially helpful for those holdouts still in the dark ages who have resisted the lure of Pintrest.) 

9) Kara’s Party Ideas Another guilty pleasure of mine: Party Planning. This site has TONS of great themes and ideas for your next event. I have each of my children’s next three birthdays completely planned, much thanks to this site. (Kidding, not kidding.)

10) The Mother Hen Oh how I wish Jen would blog more often. Her posts are notoriously either side-splitting hilarious or ugly-cry inducing. Though the majority of her content was penned months ago, her labels have timeless posts that you will surely enjoy. (My secret ulterior motive is that all your new found blog-love for her writing would inspire her to dust off ol’ Ruby the Laptop and get at it again.)


How about you? What are some of your favorite blogs? There are tons more out there! For those whose blogs I’ve specifically mentioned, please share the love and post your own Top Ten list. 



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