What to Read Wednesday: Summer Camp Hangover & Library Woes

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” – Cicero

Firstborn’s back after a marvelous week away at summer camp, and we’ve resumed our normal reading routine… though one week deviating from library visits & family read-alouds and we’ve almost completely derailed: We missed a bunch of due dates, racked up overdue fines on 3 of 4 accounts, and misplaced a book. Who even are we??

passed out in the car for the long drive home

Little Man promptly inquired, in complete seriousness, “Did you meet your twin at camp?”

After studying the book of Revelation a bit at camp, Firstborn’s started reading Left Behind. We own the entire series from when I devoured them in my twenties as a ravenous baby Christian, collecting them as they were released in real-time.


I seem to be on a nonfiction kick, enjoying On Writing Well, as I eagerly await the arrival of advanced reader copies of I’d Rather Be Reading and The Ministry of Ordinary Places.


What are you reading this summer? I’m thinking I’ll need a good beach novel or juicy celebrity memoir after this stretch of more meaty material. 

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