With Gratitude: MyBella by Liz and Miranda Jae Designs

I have this sweet friend, Liz, who makes amazing customized jewelry. She graciously made me this gorgeous necklace, just because.

 mybellablurred.pjg the bottom tag has our names listed

Her jewelry, MyBella, is the best. I get SOOO many compliments on her work when I sport it. Moreover, it’s always gives me warm fuzzies to support local artisans.

Liz also told me about Miranda Jae Designs, and her fun customized prints. Miranda had a giveway on her FB page recently, and guess who won?

Lil’ ol’ me!        **happy dance**

She typically designs these prints to reflect courtship, engagement & marriage dates, but customized my prize, further, by tailoring it to Little Man’s adoption dates.


will add a snappy green frame soon


The “first day” is the day we officially started our adoption process.

The “yes day” is the day that we were matched to Little Man.

The “best day” is the day that he was placed into our arms.

“These are the days we’ll never forget.”

I love it. It is prominently displayed in Little Man’s space. Thanks again, Miranda!

Both Liz and Miranda regularly offer giveaways on their Facebook pages, so be sure to follow them for your own chance to win!


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