Year of the Ox (Chinese New Year)

Last weekend we rang in Lunar New Year, Chinese-style: ’round the table with a great big family feast. Threat of freezing rain caused several guests to cancel last minute, and our power to go out mid-meal, but we had a memorable and tasty celebration nonetheless.

Leaning into this year’s zodiac animal –the Ox– Husband woke at 4am to Traeger a big ol’ brisket, which we served alongside more traditional Chinese staples such as Singapore Shrimp Noodles, fried rice, and stir-fried ginger cabbage. Our kids crafted cupcake “oxen” for dessert.

We enjoyed our impromptu candle-and-flashlight-lit dinner after the electricity flickered a moment then went out (gratefully only for twenty-four hours) midmeal, then tramped outside to light off sparklers in the icy street.

We’re celebrating again with friends this coming weekend– traditional ‘Spring Festival’ lasts sixteen days. We are so grateful to be parents of this handsome Asian dude who blesses us with his rich birth-culture.


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