A Ramona Quimby Quarantine

Quarantined with bored kids and looking for some simple fun to break up the monotony? You needn’t sweat schooling at home– grab a book and some household objects and see what you can’t rustle up.

Case in point: Little Man and I are reading through Beverly Cleary’s beloved Ramona series aloud together. With minimal effort and expense, we’ve managed to re-create some fun activities direct from the text…

After enjoying the first installment, Ramona and Beezus, we watched the film of the same title and quickly discovered the movie version to be a mash-up of highlights from the whole series.

In the second book, Ramona the Pest, the title character imagines an entirely original animal– Little Man enjoyed the same exercise in creativity.

Copying the fun had with pal Howie Kemp in Ramona the Brave, we fashioned homemade stilts from tin cans, then clomped them up and down the driveway.

The “longest picture in the world” (a mural of our mutual home-state of Oregon!) was crafted in Ramona and her Father, and we had a go at the same…

Ramona encouraged minor character Willa Jean to waste an entire box of kleenex in Ramona and Her Mother— this made for a fun time for us.

Inspired by Ramona Quimby, age 8, Little Man particularly enjoyed a rousing round of egg roulette.

I like to believe our extra-literary activities are making memories that might cement the classics into my kids’ noggins; but, if nothing else, we’re having fun and getting extra readin’ & writin’ practice in.


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