A Shivery Saturday

What on earth would get me out of my cozy bed and into the biting Montana cold [16′ to be exact] at 8:30 on a Saturday Morning?

Bärbel Morton Photography, that’s what!

Bärbel photographed the families of several of our Best Bozeman Friends (BBF’s) bright and early this morning, against the most picturesque wintry backscape, and donated the proceeds from their sessions to our adoption fund. I. KNOW.

She had to work fast as the children’s teeth chattered like wind-up toys, but their rosy cheeks and the awaiting hot cocoa made their momentary discomfort worthwhile.

IMG_4839 (1)

Bärbel in action, complete with fingerless gloves

I’d forgotten how much fun sweet Bärbel is. She’s a fast friend to everyone she encounters. Her winsome German accent is disarming and she makes you feel at ease within seconds of meeting her. I suspect that is why she is so successful at capturing wonderful photographic memories. She is the type of grandma who has carseats permanently installed in her vehicles, (My very favorite type.) and when her son was out of the country on business this summer, she enthusiastically accompanied her daughter-in-law (my friend & fellow adoptive Mama, Rachelle) to Encompass Adoption Family Camp in Montana’s Beartooth Mountains. With the endurance of a teenager, she flitted around snapping candids to bless the families in attendance. This woman is crazy generous. AND crazy talented. If you live in Gallatin County then look no further than barbelmorton.com for your photography needs!




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