A Simple Star Wars Birthday

A long time (four years) ago, in a galaxy (country) far, far away, a young Jedi was born– one who would bring balance to the force (our family)…

Little Man is four today! And officially obsessed with all things Star Wars. Heartbroken when he couldn’t join his sisters at the theater when it first released this past winter (he’s just not there yet), we began to plan for his own theater experience, at home with his pals, for his next birthday.

awesome & affordable custom invites from our fave etsy shop (click pic for link)

Easily overstimulated and not at all a fan of the spotlight, keeping festivities simple is always our aim when celebrating Little Man. We shared treats and screened the latest episode on the driveway, and fun was had by all (though our patience was tried in waiting for the sun to sufficiently set).

My sad attempt at BB8 cupcakes, because both Pinterest and my much older sister tell lies.

not quitting my day job.

The girls and I sported Rey, Padme, and Leia hair, obvi.

We crafted a Death Star piñata, stuffed it with Starburst & Milky Way candies (get it??), then had Husband detail it appropriately.

the puns are strong with this one
forgot to label the “luke sky-water” ((snort))

We weren’t there for his birth, nor his first birthday, but we are grateful for every birthday we get to celebrate together from here on out. We are so happy to be his family.

How we celebrated Little Man last year. And the year before that. Tips for birthdays on a budget.


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