Adventure Time

What’s a family of Montanans to do when it’s too icy to go sledding with your new Christmas sleds, too warm to go ice skating with your new skates, and too snowy to put up your new trampoline from Grandpa & Grandma?

Impromptu Christmas road trip!


That’s just what we did.

After a tranquil day at home celebrating Jesus’ birth with cake, gifts, and games we wrapped up the leftover turkey, packed a couple small bags and hit the open road for a “quick” 6 hour jaunt south through the dark to Salt Lake City.

We checked in to our hotel room at about 11pm with zonked out babies and awoke the next morning eager to explore.

Salt Lake City is a blast, and very family friendly. It turns out that Christmas is a great time to visit, too, with the abrupt mountain backdrop dusted with snow, Christmas carols pumping from hidden speakers at every turn, and Christmas lights adorning every square inch of the place.


The girls also got to put a sticker on a new state on their United States map, as they had never before ventured to Utah. In fact, short of flying through their airport gazillions of times, Husband had never spent time in the city, either. I had road-tripped there from Oregon with three highschool girlfriends to visit a fourth that attended college there when we were all nineteen, but let’s just say that’s been a while now.

At Temple Square (No, we are not Mormon.) our youngest asked if we could go inside the castle. When Hubs and I replied “No.” in unison, we overheard her mutter to herself “The Princess must not feel like seeing anybody today.”


We enjoyed visiting some of our favorite retailers that have yet to expand into quiet Montana and drove to Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake right at sunset.


My mother-in-law pointed out that this little excursion was kind of a “last hurrah” for us four before we travel to China in about ten weeks and become a family of five. We were thankful to get away for a quick adventure.


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