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Happy New Year!

2013 has been an exciting one, but we are eagerly looking ahead to what 2014 will hold– most notably, bringing home Little Brother! The following is a glance back at our year in blog posts, we are grateful for what the Lord has done: 

January – By the first of last year our adoption process was well underway, and I began to sweat about our upcoming homestudy, where we basically paid somebody to come into our home and judge us. Fun. Still anticipating being matched with a girl from China, I reflected on our daughters’ long lineage of sisters. I also confessed to becoming somewhat fanatical in our incorporation of Chinese culture with our everyday lives in Montana. As we learned more about adoption, we also learned of such a thing called a traumaversary.

February – We updated on our adoption progress as we checked tasks off our list and were humbled to receive a couple of donations from supportive friends as significant fees came due. We also held another fundraiser and sold our t-shirts at a local screening of an adoption themed movie. We shared more of how God motivated us to adopt from China and outlined how we strive to parent our children equally and without favor.

March – I divulged my affinity for party/event planning in anticipation of a couple upcoming airport parties. One of my dear friends received her long-awaited referral on the very day she had boldly prayed for and our family enjoyed our first visit back to our native Oregon since moving to Montana. We also completed the bulk of our dossier paperwork, save for some official items from the government and I expressed gratitude for our wonderful neighbors who have become like family to us.

April – Despite my best efforts to keep her perpetually little, our oldest daughter turned 8, which rendered me weepy and reflective and Handsome Husband enjoyed a surprise Mancation for his own birthday. I also shared a beautiful adoption themed poem I found online.

May – The first of May marked my late great grandmother’s birthday, and I recounted her legacy. I was also reminded of the ever-applicable the value of contentedness, recalling the lessons I learned in West Africa. As we progressed along steadily in our adoption process I started nesting in anticipation of our new arrival and was just thankful that after years of yearning and wrestling that this adoption dream was finally coming to fruition. 

June – We celebrated our daughter in Heaven’s 5th birthday and shared how we continue to honor her life here on earth, and our enchantingly free-spirited “Center Sister” turned 6. We also got news that we were awarded a generous adoption grant, a tremendous blessing. Thankful to have my kiddos back after a year in public school I was especially nostalgic.

July – I brazenly stated my opinions on responsible stewardship when you’re funding an adoption. Anticipating our referral, we trusted in God’s timing when we incurred a bit of a setback. 

August – We attended a fantastic adoptive families camp and observed as God orchestrated a miracle for another adoptive family. I also expressed gratitude for the diverse group of supportive adoptive moms that I’m a part of and husband and I started getting serious about potential names for our new child.

September – I admitted to being a Bible study dropout as I became a homeschooling mom and restructured my schedule accordingly and shared my favorite passage of scripture. I laughed at my own vain attempts to plan our family, realizing, in hindsight, that God’s plans are immensely better.

October – We were blessed by a wonderful friend with the first of many generous Noonday fundraisers and- the best news of allGOT OUR REFERRAL! After catching our breath, we shared a little more about how we were surprised to be matched with a boy from China and later shared about the day he was born. As we began to grieve the great losses our son has already incurred at so tender an age, we considered in earnest his current surroundings in comparison to our children at home. I defended our marriage from a small faction of skeptics but focused on who/whose we are in light of God’s economy and began making preparations for parenting a toddler again. 

November – Surprised by my dearest friends with a blissful visit to Oregon, I again contrasted my two homes and love for each. Our family was then blessed by two generous photography fundraisers to benefit our adoption costs, one in Oregon and one in Montana. I recognized my favorite blogs and appreciation for modern technology, which blessed us with additional info on our Little Man in China. We celebrated Thanksgiving with local friends shared how we maintain grateful attitudes year-round.

December – I shamelessly admitted to being a co-sleeping family and shared our Christmas advent project. (Also here.) Smarty-Pants-Husband added our adoption timeline on the sidebar of the blog as a reference for friends/family and resource for prospective adoptive families. I received a blog award from another blogger where I was required to share a few incriminating tidbits about myself. Weary of constant judgement re: Old Saint Nick, I shared a little about how our family celebrates Christmas and a little more about tolerance. We received our LOA from China and shared a bit more about our son. Finally, we wished you all a very Merry Christmas and shared a bit more of our own festivities.

Thank you for reading and being a part of our year! “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the Heavens…” Ecclesiastes 3:1



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