April Fools



We woke up to snow again on April Fool’s Day.


Just two days prior we were in shorts and t-shirts, playing tennis on the driveway.


I’m in denial. I swiftly made an appointment for a pedicure and refuse to go back to boots.

especially now that i’m the proud parent of these beauties

I thought I’d also share with y’all that World Market currently has these darling little lambs for sale, for those who are more Team Lamb than Team Bunny come Easter time. My grandmother nearly choked on her cell phone, yesterday, when I confessed that I don’t plan on doing baskets for the kids. This ought to pacify her/them.

Husband sold his burly old Montana rig. He was going round and round on the price, until the buyer threw in an air-soft rifle to sweeten the deal. Like any good Montanan, Husband declared, “Sold!”

i’m not gonna lie, i’m worried for the prairie dogs. also, this is a toy gun??

The girls enthusiastically participated in Crazy Hair Night at Awanas, each meticulously planning out their looks.

this doesn’t really seem all that crazy, but her hair is naturally stick straight
she’s ten this month.
handsome mcstink
saved her own money to buy a mermaid tail for her dolly, because: mermaids.
reading a people magazine. my bad.
she gets it from her mama. and she’s ten this month.
checking out eyelashes, cat whiskers, ear wax, and boogers under the microscope. did i mention she’s ten this month?
the way to their hearts is sushi


it’s not lost on me that their favorite toy is a circus tent


the second grader is obviously too cool for her spelling sentences


speaking of my coffee, i finally found organic whipping cream in our town. for the best coffee ever: whip w/organic vanilla & sugar and plop into hot black coffee (#whipitgood)
i have no idea what happened to neighbor beagle’s shock collar


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