A Simple Easter


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Easter weekend was a kaleidoscope of mermaids, thai food, toiling in the yard, cinnamon rolls the size of our heads, coffee, snow flurries, the bluegrass station on Pandora, board games, and the final cinematic installment of The Hobbit…

A bit unconventional, but delightful nonetheless.

churchy church

I don’t recall where I purchased this empty tomb, years ago, but it’s a great visual that helps keep our focus on Jesus. Here’s a link to the book. (I don’t get anything for recommending it, fyi.)

empty tomb, He is risen!

Little Man got a haircut that reminds us a bit of Lloyd Christmas.

we paid the kids .2c/rock to collect and pile them up saturday morning


yes, we let our kids watch the hobbit and lord of the rings, because: tolkien.

Not particularly traditional Easter faire, but an ordinary favorite in our home: thin sliced pork chops stir-fried in coconut oil & a dash of soy sauce, served over basmati w/dry cole-slaw mix, topped w/a simple thai peanut sauce made by whisking together 2 tbs peanut butter, 2 tbs coconut milk, 1 tbs lime juice, 2 tsps. soy sauce, 1 tsp. brown sugar, red pepper flakes to taste.



blue peep tongue
saw a local production of the hans christian anderson rendition of the little mermaid, because: mermaids. spoiler alert: the little mermaid dies.
and bumped into a friend. this is (almost) ten.
girl time

Best social media Easter quotes:

“Maxi skirts: Sweatpants that you can wear on Easter Sunday.” – Ashley R.

“‘I love it when it snows on Easter!” says the devil. Good Grief.” – Samantha T.

“It just feels so inappropriate to eat deviled eggs today.” – Christi K. for son Max

Today Center Sister is down with the stomach flu, because seemingly every time we attend church the kids pick up a nasty bug. I have taken to preemptively treating them with Emergen-C each week before church and Awanas to try and combat the germy germs, but parents still regularly bring their sick kiddos. That’s a post for another day…


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