Baba Go Lai

“Baba go lai.” Daddy came back. Ever since another couple in our travel group taught us this Mandarin phrase, we’ve been repeating it often.

Today we split up, to better accommodate the needs of each of our children. Husband braved the thick humidity to escort the girls to the local zoo, while I stayed behind with Little Brother in the comfort of our quiet hotel room.

Whenever one of us leaves Little Man, he panics. In his little life, thus far, he has had an unreasonable amount of upheaval and abrupt transition. In his experience, when someone leaves, they seldom say goodbye and often don’t come back.

It breaks our hearts to see him suffer so when we part, but we know that in repeating these goodbyes, and subsequent reunions, that he is learning to trust that we will indeed return. Baba go lai. Mama go lai.


our girls with some of the other kiddos from our travel group


this zoo was even better than the one in Zhengzhou and had two resident panda bears
brother and I practiced Kung Fu in his new Bruce Lee getup back at the hotel



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