China is great, but we’re ready to go home.

I’m excited to cook and do laundry. I can’t believe I just typed that.

Four more days.

We’re thankful for the head-start on bonding/cocooning that we’ve had as a family of five here in China, but we also realize that Little Man’s transition to our home in Montana will not necessarily be without upset.

Today we had his medical examination and visa photograph, necessary for him to exit China– all went well. Our boy didn’t have the required blood draw that most of the other kiddos did, since he is still under two years old.

When we got back to the hotel we ate lunch in our room and put Little Man down for a nap, then I took the girls for a swim. All three of us were thankful to have mommy-daughter time, and Husband finally got some much needed rest alongside Little Brother.



 After brother woke up, we played at the hotel playground and then walked to the nearby park. Parks in China seem to be in a class above ours in America. The ones we have visited have been impeccably maintained and offer a real respite from the incessant whirr of urban life.


I concur.


Every couple hundred yards folks were gathered to sing karaoke.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we have a day off– we opted out of the group outting to the local zoo, feeling it necessary to keep Brother’s days as simple and routine as possible. Our consulate appointment is Thursday, Friday we receive his exit visa, and Saturday morning we leave.

Everything is new.


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