Baby Fever



Someone I know is pregnant with twins!! It’s supposed to be a secret (***why did she tell ME???), so I’m not naming names. But I WILL share here to help take the pressure off.

Let’s be crystal clear: It’s not me.

But seriously, what’s the only thing sweeter than a baby? TWO BABIES!

Almost ten years ago, my aunt gifted us the most darling little sign for our daughter’s nursery, which read: “Babies are such a nice way to start people.” Preach.

baby jams

We scored these darling, gender neutral newborn jammies at our most recent Target adventure, to gift our friends. Back when I was first pregnant with our oldest, trudging  to work each day despite feeling crummy, a sweet client blessed me with a tiny hat and onesie. She knowingly told me how she found it helpful to have something tangible to see and touch when freshly pregnant, bump-less, yet utterly exhausted and nauseous 24/7. Such a nice gesture, I love to pass along such acts of kindness that have been lent to me.

I’m seriously considering asking Preggo Friend to tinkle on a home pregnancy test for me, so I can freak out the Hubs. I helped another friend pull that same prank on her husband when I was pregnant with our first.

Perhaps not. I’m the worst liar, that guy can see right through me.

All I know is I’m stoked for her/them, and stoked to hopefully hold a newborn baby –or two– this summer.

***I’m the absolute worst with surprises. Husband gets his birthday and Christmas gifts early every year, without fail, because I just CANNOT keep from spilling the beans. Take note, friends with secrets.

UPDATED 8/5/2015 to include this pic of double blessing:

FullSizeRender (13)


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