Back in the 1990’s, I was one of the first in my high-school to sport a cell phone.

I kept it on me the duration of my senior year, so I could intercept the rare and impromptu phone calls from my then-boyfriend-now-husband, who was living on the opposite coast in basic and advanced military training.

On the heels of the popular film, Clueless, I must admit I felt pret-ty hip rocking that archaic flip-phone.

i’m on the left, best friends center & right making fun of me. sidenote: I still have that classic gap sweater

I had an allocated, modest number of minutes (read: 30) that I could use and pay for on my father’s plan. Texting didn’t exist, ptl, or I’d have exceeded that number by a landslide each month. I hardly used the thing, but it still cost me a small fortune.

I would forget to charge it. I would turn it off at night. I didn’t have any phone numbers saved in it. It was literally JUST A PHONE.

Can you even imagine??

Is it even possible to live without a cell phone, these days?

I confess I use mine constantly: looking things up for the kids by day, settling bets with my husband by night. I use it as a map and a phone book, and to keep in touch with friends, near and far. It’s my handy-dandy Go-Go-Gadget Camera that captures all the adorableness of three pint-sized sillies entrusted in my care.

Last night I dropped it on the neighbor’s driveway. Though it landed sunny-side up, and had a case on it (mostly cosmetic), it’s shattered. It will cost more to repair than it did to purchase the phone initially, which is especially awesome. Did I mention it’s a new phone?

out to dinner last night, before The Incident
girls were at awanas, it was pajama night, little sister was not feeling it

I’ve already embedded two chards of glass firmly into my index fingers trying to use it, anyway. I think I’m in denial.

Too mad to pony up husband’s the hard-earned cash, I’m considering going off the grid completely. I’m not even sure what that would look like. Perhaps inspired by the Little House series that the kids and I are reading, it sounds almost quaint to throw my hands up in defeat and embrace life as a pioneer.

Still, even both of my grandmas have cell phones and text. Does anyone NOT have a cell phone anymore?

I think I’m going to give it a whirl. If you need to reach me, send a carrier pigeon.


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