Moroccan For a Day

Friends near and far are forever asking for recommendations when planning a visit to foodie-mecca Portlandia… strong coffee, craft beer, gourmet donuts, robust wine, and food-trucks– there are almost too many terrific treats! I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, my all-time favorite restaurant just so happens to sit squarely in downtown Portland: Marrakesh Moroccan restaurant.

We recently returned to Marrakesh after a several year lapse, alongside dear friends visiting from Montana, and it did not disappoint. Like all the best exotic ethnic restaurants, it provides a brief immersion into a region’s cuisine and culture. Marrakesh is like a portal to the bustling streets of Morocco. (I spent a short time in Casa Blanca a few years ago.)

Not only is the menu authentic, but guests sit on the floor and eat with their hands as friendly belly-dancers weave about the dining room. The setting’s stunning, aromas intoxicating, music hypnotic, and the meal outstandingly flavorful… it’s superbly fun.

No really, there are no utensils. It’s a hoot.

The sweetest minty, hot post-dinner tea settles the tummy.

So very grateful to have met this fun family when our firstborns were just wee second graders. As fellow home-educators they were just as thrilled by the hands-on, multi-sensory interactive geography lesson that was dinner at Marrakesh. 

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