Birthday Bike-a-Palooza

Center Sister turned 8 years old this weekend. Tempus fugit. Seems like just yesterday she was the giggly, silly infant we nicknamed Goose.

With an unfinished mud-pit for a yard, and a house full of extended family in from out of state, a party at home just wasn’t a reasonable option. We were committed to keeping her celebration festive, yet simple.

She’s currently obsessed with her bike. She wanted nothing more than to ride bikes with her friends. Sounds like a homeschool kid!

Obviously a surprise to the birthday girl, Husband and I had already conspired to gift her a new “big girl” bike (one with gears) this year. The party theme seemed to naturally present itself…

She crafted her own simple invites…


…and stuffed simple water bottles (found online from the Dollar Tree & shipped free to the store) with organic fruit snacks and lolli’s, for party favors.


We chose a local, flat trail of a moderate distance that was free from traffic, on a warm evening to meet up with pals for a leisurely ride.

Guests bedazzled their bikes (BYOBicycle) with simple dollar store decorations as we waited for everyone to arrive, prior to heading out as a group.





The balloons were not only fun, but helped us easily identify our group while on the trail. (We also had a designated point person and caboose to keep an eye on the riders. No bikers left behind!)


The ride itself was delightful. I didn’t get many photos. It’s not exactly easy to snap photos whilst juggling handlebars with a toddler securely affixed to one’s bike, fyi.


At the end of the ride was another parent-helper with cupcakes (so much simpler than traditional cake– already portioned out and no utensils nor plates necessary) set out on a card table.

My sister had offered to do the baking, but we again elected for simplicity and picked them up, ready-made from a local bakery.

Tiny bicycle toppers purchased on Etsy made up for my laziness tied in the theme.

We also found a coordinating t-shirt for the birthday girl on Etsy. God bless Etsy and all it’s glorious craftiness.

We’re mean parents: Upon arriving at the trailhead, Husband and I pretended to have forgotten her bicycle at home before revealing her brand new one hidden in the back of his Jeep.

Eight is great!

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