Christmas Digest

Behold: 2016’s Christmas jammies, our family’s decades-long take on the popular tradition is to gift them to the kiddos each Christmas Eve.

Happy birthday, Jesus!

click pic for link to little tikes nativity

First time for everything… we’ve never really done Santa, opting instead for a more European approach to Saint Nick, but this year the kiddos requested to visit him at the mall. I guess we pose with Disney characters though we don’t believe they’re real– no harm, no foul. I tried to get them to ask him for his VW, to no avail.


Though we’re certainly not above leveraging the holiday for good behavior.

Current sitch: Winter Wonderland.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear… The girls caroled with their homeschool choir at a couple local retirement homes.

Guess who went to his first movie in the theater? Star Wars, obvi.

the same little man who fell asleep half way through the film, thereby missing his favorite sith lord & 2 butt-kicking asian leads

firstborn walloped us all, winning the new family edition of trivial pursuit before anyone else could even take a turn. must be all the jeopardy!
library chess, too bad neither of us know how to play

Additional Christmas break shenanigans:

SURE you can use the hot glue gun to craft random globs of beads & glue

crafted nunchucks out of lincoln logs

Our Christmas was basically sponsored by Amazon, due to limited retail options here in Montana plus extended family residing three states away. Husband crafted an awesome maze for the guinea pigs out of the leftover cardboard carnage.


Smoochy-smoochy seven years ago, at my auntie’s Christmas party.

Five years ago, Facebook post:

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year… except at Walmart.”

Four years ago, our first winter in Montana:

“Interesting. If you leave the house w/wet hair here (’cause you only had time to blow-dry your kids’) and it freezes and then you bend it showing the kids on the playground it actually snaps right off. True story. Ask me how I know.”

Three years ago, prior to homeschool:

“First day of Christmas break and I’m thrilled to have my girls home. I am, however, reminded that they get three recesses per day at school.” #teachersaresoclever


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