Class Pets

Whether I’m raising future farmers, veterinarians, crazy cat ladies, or marine biologists, I couldn’t be certain– nevertheless, I’m an ethusiastic proponent of pets in the classroom. No matter that our classroom is square in our home.

We learn a lot from the menagerie of critters who live in/around this funny farm, both wild and domestic.

god bless him.

I’m channeling my inner Leslie Knope and launching an aggressive campaign (more on this later) to amend the current HOA covenants for our rural subdivision to allow for the keeping of a modest flock of chickens. The hens we kept at our last house were a gift with purchase to the lady who bought our house.

temptation at the farm store this week

While chickens aren’t yet permitted, the large pond just past our property line attracts a variety of other wildlife. I’m not exaggerating when I say that’s what sold us on this particular house, just over a year ago.

can you spy a doe atop the frozen pond, hiding in the reeds?
duckies are nearly full fledged and ready to be released onto the pond
still on the hunt for turtles to relocate to our pond

fantastic mr. fox darts to and from the pond twice daily

We recently enjoyed an informative visit to a local veterinarian hospital with the girls’ 4-H group.

watching a horse have some dental work done

iguana spa day

Additional, everyday critters:

our sweet friend successfully bred her bunny for 4-h
guinea pigs enjoying a leisurely jaunt to the mailbox
caught snoozin’ in the sunlit bunny stroller
watching a bunny movie w jack & flopsi
oh, you know, just taking the cat for a walk
little man introducing his speech therapist to her namesake, betsy-bear
he’s a shark, obvi
best easter basket gift (in the mail from grandma) ever: hummingbird feeders!

Firstborn compiled the photos she faithfully snapped of Garfield (each day since we brought him home as a kitten, last October) into a fun time-lapse video…

Updated: Luna Lovegood, Minerva McGonagall, and Darth Vader have taken up full-time residence on the pond.

wild & free


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