Easter Cliff Notes

He is risen!

Today is Resurrection Sunday… aka Easter.

We’re celebrating simply, Old Testament style, with worship and feasting.

Holiday decor in our house is generally as simple as a themed package of window clings for the kiddos to paw all over the sliding glass doors…

… but the sacrifice of our Savior warrants at least the resurrection-themed equivalent of a nativity scene, as well. To help the kids grasp the true reason for the Easter season, each Spring, I display this empty tomb and allow them to play with it as the holiday approaches. Gabriel and the gals have each been broken and glued back together numerous times, but I’d rather they get beat up than ignored.

I found this set years ago, but there’s a similar —better, actually, including a risen Jesus figure— one here.

When the girls requested to dye eggs this year, I obliged,  opportunistically turning the activity into a teensy science lesson.

dyed with hibiscus tea, tumeric, beets, & red cabbage, the kids made predictions as to what hue their eggs would turn
beats the stinky snails phoenicians used to dye their clothing purple

Lest we forget some good old fashioned book learnin’, the following is our favorite Easter storybook– apart from the Bible, that is.

click pic for link

Traditional Easter baskets are offerings hailing from generous grandparents, though I also pick up treats if I can find lambs in lieu of bunnies.

world market ftw #teamlamb
thanks for the fancy new garb, nana

“I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore.” Revelation 1:18 

He is risen indeed.


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