Cosplay {All Hallows Eve Edition}

With birthday season officially over in our household, I’ve set my sights squarely on Halloween. I know, I know… it isn’t even fall yet! I don’t care.

Handsome Husband is not really a fan of this particular holiday (Which I speculate might have something to do with the scarring Halloween incident of 1983, wherein a full-grown man clad in gorilla suit jumped out at him, but I digress…). He is a fan of ME, however, and I enjoy any excuse to dress up and socialize. In fact, most of our children’s past birthday parties have had themed dress codes. And what other day of the year can you find all the neighbors out and socializing, this side of the 1990’s?

We are obviously less than enthused with the holiday’s unwholesome roots and questionable history, but have struck a happy compromise. I think we’ve found a balance that allows us to be in the world but not of the world, instead focusing our festivities on loving our neighbors.

During the day, we venture out in costume to strut our stuff trick-or-treat down Main Street, returning home before nightfall to greet our neighbors and hand out candy– in Jesus’ name. Full-sized candy bars (which I start stockpiling well before October, to offset the expense) on which we affix dollar store labels that the girls hand-write “Jesus Loves You!” on.


And speaking of candy: It’s no secret that I’m a recovering raging Chocoholic, I once fasted from chocolate for an entire year (save for a singular Oreo misstep that May), my “addiction” had gotten so out of hand. I like my chocolate like I like my Besties: Genuine, natural, and sweet. And FAIR. Fairly traded, that is. In recent years, I’ve learned more of the deplorable child trafficking and slave labor employed in the harvest of cocoa beans supplied to most major chocolate retailers. This year I might just skip the chocolate, altogether, as full-sized fair trade options would likely stretch the budget too thin, opting instead for fruity confections.

We are still settling on this year’s costumes, I’m having to really restrain myself in outfitting poor Little Man. I had hoped for something clever like the Three Blind Mice or the Three Little Pigs, but the girls are having none of that. Front runners for Little Man are Psy (of Gangnam Style fame) or Toad from Mario Brothers. He always reminds us of a little toadstool when he sports his bike helmet.

And now for a quick trip down memory lane:

Digital StillCamera
first halloween as parents to this mousie– circa 2005
minnie mouse – 2006
photo 3 (63)
flower & bumble bee– sorry so blurry, this is what camera phone pics looked like in 2007
photo 1 (67)
caterpillar & butterfly– 2008
photo 3 (64)
we skipped Halloween & went to Hawaii in 2009
photo 2 (66)
thing 1 & thing 2– 2010
cowgirl & native American – 2011
arwen & audrey– 2012
tweedle dee & tweedle dum– 2013


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