Guess what happened this week: We completed our dossier paperwork.

This warrants a moment of silence.


Thank you for rejoicing with us. Can you hear our sighs of relief?

We are still waiting for some paperwork to arrive before we actually send it off, but OUR work is DONE. (Picture me doing the Roger Rabbit right now.)

The next step is to send it away to our agency for translation into Mandarin, before onward to China it goes. And THEN we wait for our child match (referral)… I can hardly believe it, myself.

After our accepting our referral, we expect it will be another 6 months before we travel to China to meet and bring home our new daughter. So we’re still, realistically, looking at next winter or thereabouts before our family becomes a family of five.

Speaking of travel, this is my dream for our trip to China:


Since China is a pretty safe country, we hope to bring our girls along with us when we journey that direction. A new sister is a significant milestone in their little lives and we want them to be a part of this adoption as much as possible. We also love the prospect of exposing them to a new culture, even if just for a couple of weeks. Bringing them along is also a great opportunity for a much-needed family vacation. Adoption experts encourage taking a holiday prior to bringing home your new child and cocooning. We had previously planned to visit Disney World this year, but with all of our extra funds channeled towards our adoption costs, we felt it to be a tad indulgent.

I’d love a long layover in Japan en route to mainland China. Tokyo has long been at the top of Hubby’s travel list, and the plane has to refuel SOMEWHERE, afterall. We could do some sight-seeing, rest (in a capsule hotel?!?), snarf some sushi, and seriously get our geek on.

From there I’d love for us to visit the new Disneyland in Hong Kong. What a great reward to our girls (and me, let’s be honest), after such a long plane ride, and opportunity to decompress in a foreign country with something extravagant, yet familiar.

A lot is still up in the air, of course- we don’t even know which province our child will come from, so we’re not sure if a “quick stop” in Hong Kong is practical. We are learning to embrace the unknown.

“I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.” (Isaiah 43:5)



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  1. I think those travel plans sound like a lot of fun! It would be amazing if you were in Japan right now next year, I think the cherry blossoms are blooming. How exciting for the girls to be able to travel with you, they will remember so much! I love asking our kids what they remember from past trips and its interesting to hear it from their perspective. Love you guys!!

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