Easiest Christmas Treats in the History of Ever

My much older sister is the undisputed baker of the family… people pay her actual money to bake cakes! Me? Not so much. To our mother’s chagrin, I’ve never once made a pie crust.

I’m a cook, not a baker.

Though the kids and I did recently bake Great Grandma Schafer’s famous Green Tree Cookies, the process was merely a means to a sugary-sweet end. This might have something to do it…

Still, I love sweets. And I love our sweet neighbors. And, along with the kids’ selfless Awanas teachers, our sweet neighbors deserve a little something sweet for being so darned sweet.

Behold, all you non-bakers: The easiest Christmas treat in the history of ever…

Peppermint Bark

Step 1: Unwrap plain, store-bought candy canes and pulverize to death– either in a ziploc with a rolling pin, or a blender/food processor.

Step 2: Melt white chocolate chips in a double boiler (or simply a metal bowl sitting atop a sauce pan of simmering water, like m’self).

Step 3: Stir crushed candy cane into melted white chocolate.

Step 4: Pour onto wax paper and spread to desired thickness.

Step 5: Let cool, then break apart and package in cute containers.



2 responses to “Easiest Christmas Treats in the History of Ever”

  1. I had no idea that organic candy canes existed! Mind? Blown.

  2. Lucky neighbors! Peppermint bark is something I CANNOT resist! (Psst! I’ve found a way to be a teeny bit better…Green & Blacks organic white chocolate bar and Yummy Earth Organic peppermint candies!) I may or may not have them coming from Amazon as we speak!

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