Memory Lane – Christmas Edition



What is it about the holidays that renders one especially nostalgic?

Between baking Great Grandma Schafer‘s legendary ‘Green Tree Cookies’ and unearthing our collection of keepsake ornaments spanning several decades, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks a certifiable bundle of sentiment.

big sis frosting, center sis munching
were i a purist, they would all be tree-shaped. the shamrocks were for their 4-h christmas party
first ever green tree. you don’t even know.

When a Facebook friend recently posted a pic of a Christmas card photo from the archives, I knew I’d have to take a similar trip down memory lane. Without further ado, our Christmas card pics from over the years…

2003, husband was on leave from his deployment in the middle east, hence his suntan. mine? bought and paid for.
2004, pregnant with firstborn
2005, firstborn’s first christmas! and coincidentally the only year we didn’t send out our cards, whoopsies. this pic was snapped on christmas day and will have to suffice.
2006, pregnant with center sister
2007, center sister’s first christmas
2009 (hawaii!)
2012 – first christmas in montana
2013, matched to little man yet still waiting to bring him home from china

Tempus fugit. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go have me an ugly cry.


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  1. Well I WOULD have if we were on the ball enough… we haven’t snapped our photo yet this year, as we are waiting/hoping for more snow to fall. 😉

  2. What? You’re making us wait for the 2015? For the record, these were adorable!

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