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We still haven’t started packing, but we’re having a grand time collecting and crafting items for the new house.

painted the $3 thrifted magazine rack i scored for the girls’ room
went with teal… or in this case, ‘florence’ chalk paint

Loving this Annie Sloan chalk paint, read this article for tips from my equally-obsessed friend Carly. Nothing is safe anymore, I might just paint the piano.

shower curtain purchased for the kids/guest bath in the new house came in this awesome bag, which sister promptly claimed as her new handbag

Find the shower curtain here, twas perfect for us: with a ship for Little Man, sea creatures for Big Sis, and a mermaid (duh, Ralph) for Little Sister. Please don’t tell Husband how much I spent on it. Oh wait… he reads this blog. In my defense, I used a coupon code and had free shipping!

on the hunt for bargains
score! 75% off, used her own dinero

After declaring to The Interwebs that our girls never took binkies, I discovered this old photo. They were just playing with them, I swear…

double the cute

Quality sleep continues to evade Little Man’s grasp. I regularly dip his binky into whipped cream or maple syrup, still hoping to hook him on it. Don’t judge.

spelling sentences. such truth in this one
david-bear is the best pillow




And finally, for a bit more mermaid fun. The kids all received giftcards from their beloved Aunt Sammy– which is also the gift of shopping.

what a surprise, sister got a mermaid
mermaid at school
she will only drink her smoothies from her mermaid mug

Being a real mermaid isn’t all fun & games, however. Getting around on land can be a real challenge.

She shared this joke with me today:

What is a mermaid’s favorite food? … wait for it… Peanut Butter and Jellyfish sandwiches.

What else is new? Husband and I snuck out to see a film the other night. While I’m eager to see both Unbroken and Selma, that day I had hit the proverbial parenting wall (hard) and needed something more jovial. Instead we saw Into the Woods. While it was a fun ensemble musical, with unparalleled talent (Her Royal Highness Meryl was amazeballs, obvi), the storyline wasn’t as great as I had hoped.

We thoroughly enjoyed both The Imitation Game and Birdman, and are almost caught up for awards season. I heart movies, don’t judge. I homeschool!

Other than that, I’m finally reading Upton Sinclair’s sobering classic, The Jungle (somehow I missed it in school), and expect I’ll be a vegetarian again by week’s end. I didn’t eat meat for years– until the second trimester of my pregnancy with our oldest. I do now more for simplicity’s sake than actual preference. Ain’t got NO time to make two dinners! In truth, if you really want to get yourself fired up about injustice, read this timeless piece. I keep thinking of marginalized overseas workers TODAY and how things really haven’t come that far, afterall.

Anyhoo, Jeopardy just came on, and it’s been one of THOSE days.


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