Never Grow Up

Youngest daughter is identifying as a mermaid these days.

a family portrait

And we just let her. Whatever. In truth, I kind of love it.

You’re only a kid once, right? I want her them to “stay this little“.

vintage chic, this little ditty compliments of his daddy, circa 1980

How does Taylor Swift know about the bittersweet angst of parenthood, anyhow?

They grow up SO FAST. I want their childhoods to be carefree and joyful, I want God to develop their personalities and opinions, character and quirks. And I’m grateful for the front row ticket.

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Even after pouring my very lifeblood out to them all day long (until I’m quite nearly certifiable), after they’re tucked into bed at night I always miss them, lamenting how fast time is going. I’m grateful for the privilege of mothering them, particularly in sharing every day (all day, every minute, every second, as they drive me bananas) with them here at home.

Did I spend enough time with them? Did I look them each in the eye? Did I tell them I love them? Did I encourage them? Hug them? Hold them? Read to them? Play with them? Ohhhhh, the Mommy-guilt is real.


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never breaks character
forever getting whacked in the noggin with that tail
the bathtime struggle has gotten easier, though

(mei-mei means “little sister” in mandarin)

goodies for the girls’ new room– dollar tree ftw
recent thrift store spoils, also for the girls’ new room. (vest for little man) will paint the magazine holder… teal? or tangerine? kelly green? or raspberry?
recently unearthed this print from four fleeting years ago


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  1. Love the mermaid pics! Too funny!!

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