Feeding Their Dreams

When I was a girl, I dreamed of swimming as a mermaid, with manatees (my favorite animals).

I suppose Crosby, Stills, & Nash were right, in that we often unintentionally pass our own dreams on to our children…

“feed them on your dreams, the ones they picked, the ones you’ll know by…”

I won’t take credit for sparking the imagination of my kids, but merely do my best to fuel the fire of their God-given dreams and passions.

planting seeds of manatee-love in firstborn at just six weeks old
giddy to spy a real one at an aquarium, in texas, this past weekend
wore her “keep calm and love manatees” shirt, obvi
selfie with her favorite lovey, oh my heart
back in montana, our resident mermaid held down the fort
we dusted off the trusty hot glue gun to craft some mermaid hair clips


picked up these new mermaid jammies from target
found the shirt at children’s place, she spent her own money
also bought herself these flip-flops there, after her neighbor-friend showed off her own pair

Our upcoming family adventure is intentionally geared around these current obsessions passions, and I’m not sure who is more excited… they’re little for such a short time, it’s a blessing to feed/encourage their dreams.


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