Weekend Warriors

Firstborn’s Lowry Ten was a raging success. She and Handsome Husband had a whirlwind adventure in Texas, this weekend, to celebrate both of their recent birthdays with old friends from Oregon. They returned home tuckered out and grinning ear to ear, Firstborn’s voice hoarse from screaming on the roller coasters.

isn’t texas a part of America??
being so brave on the big, scary roller coasters
celebrating her tenth birthday with a sweet pal. their daddies were also friends at this age.
throwback pic of the same pal & her daddy @ firstborn’s 4th birthday bootcamp, exactly 6 years prior

Meanwhile, back in Montana, Center Sister, Little Man, and I also enjoyed a pleasant – albeit more sedate – weekend.

captured some snails from the pond
caught her “mining for diamonds” in the holes for our fence posts
her new thing, she pays at any drive-thru
dilly bars for days (not organic)


missing her sister, she had a sleepover with the neighbor girl

What else is new? The girls wrap up a cat-sitting job for our neighbor today, and have started a bird-sitting gig for some other friends.

pumpkin cheeks x3

We read an especially interesting chapter in Little House on the Prairie, which prompted additional research about cattle drives. I rented this classic 90’s film to show the kids, as I remembered watching it at their age. Holy cow (pun intended), it’s more raunchy than I recalled. We got the gist just fine with the audio muted. We left it on just long enough to for the girls to recognize that the main character is the voice of Mike Wazowski.

now they want a pet baby cow to name norman

We’re back to the grind now, with work and homeschool. Be kind to us, Monday, our weekend will be a tough act to follow…


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