The Final Countdown

9 more days. We are counting down with bated breath.

His bed is made, car seat installed.

photo (66)

I’m beginning to deep clean every surface of our house and freeze meals in preparation for our return with New Brother. Every time I make dinner, I prepare a double batch and freeze half– just like I did when I was expecting our daughters. 

photo (70)

The girls both got fresh haircuts at the salon.

photo (68)

I’ve removed tags (a milestone in any adoption), laundered, folded and packed his darling clothing. (And diapers, and snacks, and toys, and medicine…)

photo (69)

photo (67)

Are these not the most darling little socks that you ever have seen?! Itty-bitty man socks.

Our visas are inbound and- God willing– should arrive tomorrow.

We’ll be leaving Seattle just after 7pm on Wednesday and arriving in Beijing just after 10pm on Thursday. I love that we are crossing the international date line, I’m easily amused. Still, I think it will be ideal, after 13 hours of flying, to feel like morning but be evening, upon our arrival. It should certainly help us to overcome jetlag and catch up on any missed sleep. (Our girls have never been the best car-sleepers, so I’m not too hopeful for much sleep on the plane.)

Just a heads up that we likely won’t have Facebook access in China (it’s illegal). We plan to update/post photos here on our blog, instead, so be sure to either subscribe to auto-emails or like our dedicated Facebook page to follow along on our journey to New Brother.



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