Provision & Preparation

This morning we received the astounding news that we were awarded yet another adoption grant! We are immensely grateful to the fine folks at A Child Waits Foundation for blessing our family with a generous contribution towards our remaining in-country adoption costs.

A thoughtful friend popped by with a willing ear, wise advice, and an unsolicited donation to help bring Little Brother home.

Later, the FedEx man knocked on our door, presenting four fresh Chinese visas stamped into our passports.

I finished cleaning the dirtiest baseboards in North America, washed windows (inside and out), dusted blinds, polished furniture and cleaned the tops of our kitchen cabinetry.

We made a final Costco run to thoroughly stock our pantry with non-perishables, in anticipation of our return home as a family of five in just a few short weeks.

It’s been a great day.



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