Goin’ to the Chapel



I think it’s been a decade since I attended a wedding. As Husband & I are just about to ring in our 18th wedding anniversary (!!!), the flux of nuptial announcements in our mailbox has waned with our apparent old age. This fact has further compounded my utter joy at my baby sister’s recent engagement. She nabbed herself a keeper, whom we long ago dubbed a Saint for his regal qualities. We were over-the-moon (literally shrieking and sobbing) when just weeks ago he proposed marriage atop a wintry mountain.

baby sister at my wedding, a perfect Flower Girl at 5
at Much Older Sister’s wedding she was a darling bridesmaid at 10
and Firstborn was the preshy baby flower girl
that’s the three of us (me pregnant with Center Sister)

Naturally, I’m ecstatic for their big day, and all the festivities that go along with it, but as a happily married gal m’self I’m more thrilled that she’s found a wonderful partner with whom to share the next chapters of her life.

equipped with her trusty binder and new blingy pen to do some wedding dress shopping

the peanut gallery taking in the momentous occasion

Ermigersh, STOP– I’m not going to share pics of her in wedding gowns! Okay, maybe just a couple sneak peeks…

suffice it to say she looks positively radiant in a wedding dress, a true blushing bride

she has yet to select one, so we are still technically safe

Much Older Sister and I are not super helpful, we literally fall in love with every. single. dress. We’re good comic relief, though. Can you believe she asked a couple of old fuddy-duddy’s to be bridesmaids?!

… and now we can FINALLY buy her alllll of the bridal swag that we’ve been eyeing for the last couple of months years. Having an engaged sister is the most fun in all the land and I’m thrilled to share in her happiness.

UPDATE: The following weekend we all went out again and our blushing bride said “Yes!” to a resplendent dress. Firstborn was able to tag along and partake of the giddiness. 

firstborn photobomber (this is not THE dress)
we are SO helpful

She wound up finding her dress at the same boutique that Much Older Sister and I each did, thirteen & eighteen years ago, respectively. The shop has a fun tradition of brides signing a window display gown with their wedding dates when they choose the one. When Baby Sister gleefully signed they encouraged us old lady sisters to do the same alongside her.


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