Party of Five

We’ve just mailed off our final post-placement adoption report to our agency and China. Five years ago we became a family of five.

Accompanying a thorough update on Little Man’s growth, adjustment, development, and attachment we included the requisite eight photographs to document his life here in America, in our family.

In truth, limiting the number to eight for so momentous a milestone was an impossibility. I sifted through my phone’s camera roll and narrowed it first down to 100, then 50, then 21 where it remained. Even as a child I was ever the girl with a camera in hand snapping candids, blowing my allowance on developing film– doubles, always. 

Here’s a smattering of our favorites:

Plus one we snapped on a recent hike upon realizing we have virtually no current photographs of all five of us…

Yes, that’s a salamander in Firstborn’s palm; no, I’m not wearing a lick of makeup– but we’re all (mostly) in the frame and (kinda) smiling, and that’s basically the best we can do these days. However unglamorous, we’re forever grateful for how God has brought us together and made us a family.

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