Homesteadin’ Tater Salad

This might sound anti-American, but I’m not a fan of potato salad.

Correction: I despise potato salad, except for this one… heavy on the mustard, light on the mayo, skins on them taters and eggs a non-negotiable– it’s a winner.

Best of all? It’s a homesteading dish! When we run our pantry down to Old Mother Hubbard status, I refer to the inventive recipes that follow as “living off the land”. Today my Homesteadin’ Tater Salad is featured on Little House Living, where author Merissa is a veritable champ at living off the land. Recently she sought new recipes for her Using the Garden Veggies series.

Perhaps, like me, when you think of straight-from-the-garden faire you generally picture lighter dishes, leafy and green? Well, here in Montana conditions can be severe and growing seasons short, but potatoes grow plentifully– plus they are fun to harvest! There’s a reason they were used in The Martian– they truly grow anywhere/everywhere with relative ease.

This recipe is crafted from potatoes and dill from the garden; green onions that regenerate indefinitely on the window sill; canned, brined or fermented pickles; and fresh farm eggs– a homesteading delight.

Check out the full recipe here

As an aside: What is talk of potatoes without mention of everyone’s best Hobbit friend, Samwise Gamgee?


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