House For Sale

Every human with a Facebook account has already seen this meme, but it’s a classic and begs repeating.

IMG_0385Funny because it’s true.

And surely relevant in my life, this week, as I’ve been maniacally cleaning our home with three little tornadoes spinning constantly behind me. Super fun.

I’m certain the fact that I’m a real estate broker compounds the issue exponentially, that my standards of “show ready” are more rigid than most. In the three days since we placed our house on the market I’ve found it easier to stage the house and promptly exodus, in the event that a potential buyer arranges a showing, rather than staying and spinning my wheels (and yelling at my kids) at home, trying to maintain the clean.

FullSizeRender (42)
ironically, the nap he took on our drive yesterday was probably the longest one he’s taken

I shared these tips for staging a home to sell last spring when we put our Oregon house on the market, and I stand behind them. To the real-estate professional in me, they are non-negotiable. To the home-schooling mother of three, including a male toddler, they are menacing and mocking.

Hopefully, I’ll either strike a healthy balance between staging our home and allowing the folks who currently reside here to actually enjoy it, or the house will sell quickly. Speaking of that, here is a link to our listing— Bozeman peeps, please share it with your friends… for the sake of my children AND my sanity.



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