Ordinary Average Days

Winter has officially arrived in Montana.

I try to avoid driving the first weeks after the first snow, as the university’s newest imported freshman gain their sea legs.

This of course means we’ve been spending even more time at home…

Playing in the snow:

FullSizeRender (36)
step 1 – bundle

<<insert twenty minute (max) break for mom here>>

FullSizeRender (33)
step 2 – disassemble (*no disassemble)
FullSizeRender (32)
step 3 – administer cocoa
FullSizeRender (40)
eskimo baby
FullSizeRender (41)
pink cheeks
perfectly unique snowflakes
FullSizeRender (34)
three little panda bears
little man put a hair thing around david bear’s wrist, just like he sees on mama
FullSizeRender (37)
potty training is going swimmingly
FullSizeRender (38)
grandma sent a puzzle that was equal parts charming and challenging
FullSizeRender (39)
just started this new book, I fear it’s going to rock my world
now I know why it’s called king size

Mommy victory at the grocery store tonight: Upon passing the plentiful shelves of gummy candies, Little Man enthusiastically proclaims, “Vite-min!” [vitamin]

And now for a little Two Truths and a Lie:

1) We put our house on the market.

2) We are moving into an RV and touring the US full-time.

3) We are moving to the country and buying more critters.

Can you spot the lie?


* if you don’t know this 1980’s pop-culture reference, we can’t be friends anymore



4 responses to “Ordinary Average Days”

  1. Thank you so much , your honest and hilarious blog is such an encouragement to me. We brought home a now 26-month old rockstar from Zhoukou last July who has a recently repaired cleft palate. Thank you for sharing! You truly encourage me. Nashville, TN

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words. 🙂 Wow, we really are in the same boat with out boys, too fun!

  2. Sara Elkington Avatar
    Sara Elkington

    Beautiful blog! I’m friends with Becky Burton; we were in a mom’s group together. What agency did you use? My husband and I are looking to adopt. We have an 11 month old son. I would be so grateful for any information/words of wisdom you could pass along!

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for reading and for saying hello! Any friend of Becky’s is a friend to me. 🙂 We used CCAI for our adoption agency, the leader in Chinese adoptions (though they also do Haitian adoptions)… I would love to be of as much help as I can, how wonderful that you are considering adoption! It’s such a beautiful way to grow a family. Have you decided for sure on China? I think researching country requirements and agencies is a great first step. Depending on the country, sometimes you have to be a certain age, or under a certain age, or married a certain amount of time, and things like this. Would love to hear more about what led you to adoption… may I email you? Thanks again for saying hello and blessings on your journey!

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