How Does Your Garden Grow?


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Ours is lacking in both silver bells and cockle shells…

Here in Montana, if it’s not the deer leveling the garden it’s the early frost.

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Our bounty of tomatoes was decimated, there will be no canning this year.

not the same

Live and learn– at least we are not starving pioneers, Costco is just ten minutes down the freeway.

Safe beneath the terra firma, we still managed a modest harvest of potatoes– though the naughty deer ate every bit of the greenery. Some resilient green beans have managed to escape the all-you-can-eat animal salad buffet.

don’t be jealous of my crocs

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The Interwebs claim cayenne pepper might deter our four-legged foes, so we’ve decided to give it a go. After all, we moved to the countryside because of the proximity to the critters. If this works we should have lots more green beans to pickle. Here’s hoping!

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