Fall Back

Adios, summer. Here’s a recap of our 2015 summertime shenanigans, in snapshots.

Tell-tale signs that fall has indeed arrived: cool, dark evenings, frosty mornings, crockpot dinners, boots, scarves, pumpkin spice, hunting and football seasons, harvesting the garden, and… back to school.

Though we never really stopped for summer, we are back in full swing with homeschool. The girls’ extra curriculars have resumed, and we have set a trajectory for a productive year.

For us, success means setting and guarding a loose schedule… being good stewards with our time, faithful to our commitments.

unearthing their potato crop
picked this up and said, ‘three!’

how did ancient greeks wash their hands without running water and soap?
meager attempts to make math fun
our wee marine biologists have a new hero

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prepping for halloween already
visiting a tar-paper claim shanty replica at our local museum, just like in the little house books


new little awana cubby
squeezing in a final hike before the weather turns

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