How to Bless a Mommy

Fact: The single most effective way to show love to and bless a weary, frumpy Homeschool Mom (or any mom, for that matter) is to love on her kids.

My grandmother, aunt, and cousin made the arduous trek from Oregon this past week, to spend quality time with my little family.

Each a fixture of my colorful childhood, we have volumes of shared history.



harvesting a buffalo “chip” in jellystone for two inquisitive homeschoolers, so they could test out whether or not they really do make good fire starters. that’s love.
works like a charm


waiting on old faithful



This Mama is feeling the love.

And I’m not gonna lie… another way to my heart is via my stomach– particularly with delicacies thoughtfully brought over from my home state.

We were indeed blessed by their visit.


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