In the Field



It seems Oregon’s the land of plenty when it comes to field-trips; there’s no shortage of adventure and extracurricular opportunity– only lack of sufficient time to squeeze it all onto the calendar whilst balancing our core studies at home and guarding our sanity. Here are a few of our recent excursions:

Turtle Ridge Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Mushroom Minutae at the local library

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

Paul Cezanne inspired post-impressionist painting & art history class

Art theory & technique class

Visit with retired professor of Biology/Entomology, specializing in Lepidoptery

A visit to our former neighbor Shelley’s alpaca farm

shelley harvests the super-soft fleeces of her 24 alpacas and spins the fiber into yarn

she led us in a fun felting craft

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry

Adventures in Pet-Sitting

Even the most mundane of errands can be educational:

dental cleaning
veterinarian visit

We’re just a regular bunch of field agents. I’m grateful for the adventure and tactile learning.

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